Connectify + Comodo Firewall = Can’t connect to internet

When you are using above mentioned software for internet access from your Android/iOS device, you might have a problem with Comodo blocking internet from Connectify. By default, your device will find Wifi hotspot created by Connectify, but will be unable to connect to internet. Even if you set Connectify (that means Connectify.exe, Connectifyd.exe, ConnectifyNetServices.exe – see more at Firewall/Security Settings) processes as trusted in Comodo, it will not help.

What will definitely work is this:
  1. Open Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings
  2. Find adapter with name you set in Connectify as Hotspot name
  3. Open properties tab and disable “Comodo Internet Security Firewall Driver”


Since I do not use Wifi for internet connection and Connectify is using network cable connection (which is protected by Comodo) I think there should not be a problem with security.



4 thoughts on “Connectify + Comodo Firewall = Can’t connect to internet”

  1. Thank you so much , this is perfect , i am even using another hotspot app (not connectfiy) ,and it worked 🙂

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